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The Fall Image


Bad Ideas on a Beautiful Day

Scanners — B&W Prints

I scanned some 35mm ISO 200 colour film, expired circa 2007 (?) on my Canoscan 4400F — amazing!! After uploading them, I decided to convert a majority of them to black and white and what I got was a beautiful heavy grain look. Take a look-see:


I decided to scan some old negatives I took a few months ago in Vancouver. They haven’t been well kept, but I do like the ‘scratched authenticity’ to them.



Photographing Lumber

I set out on a mission today to get some photos, but I didn’t have the intention of photographing old piles of lumber. There’s an old sawmill in the industrial side of town that’s been abandoned for years now and so I thought it would make for some interesting photos. When I got there I took a few wide shots and then it happened — I got distracted with a bunch of stacks of old lumber sitting in the yard. I immediately fell in love with the texture and the design of the wood so I got in close and took some photos. Here they are:

New Work

New Frost’d Landscape’s

Urban Photos


Out Cold

It’s been freezing the last few days here. We’re averaging -25 weather plus wind chill!! Yikes!!! Today warmed up just a bit for me to get out and take some photos, which I’ve been eager to do for a little while now. These were taken with a Nikon D1x (old DSLR from 2001) and a 28mm lens that I set at 5.6 and ISO at 800 just because I wanted a grainy result.

Buggie Smalls

Night Photos –>

Since I’ve been living back in Williams Lake, I’ve found a new hobby/interest/project — documenting the city itself. It started with just practicing composition and just trying to be creative because I don’t really know of anyone to photograph. This is certainly going to be ongoing and I’m definitely inspired by other photographers who turn their cameras to their own backyards and capture how they see it. Tonight I wanted to do some night shooting and took my Nikon D1X and a tri-pod (not the sturdiest) and ventured around my neighborhood. I’m pretty happy with the results.

Single Cell