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The Fall Image


Bad Ideas on a Beautiful Day

Scanners — B&W Prints

I scanned some 35mm ISO 200 colour film, expired circa 2007 (?) on my Canoscan 4400F — amazing!! After uploading them, I decided to convert a majority of them to black and white and what I got was a beautiful heavy grain look. Take a look-see:


I decided to scan some old negatives I took a few months ago in Vancouver. They haven’t been well kept, but I do like the ‘scratched authenticity’ to them.



I Thought I’d Take This Path Home

New Work

New Frost’d Landscape’s

Urban Photos


Using Filters

Black and white photography. I love it. Love it! On my iGoogle page I have an Ansel Adams gadget that shows me a new photo every time the page refreshes and I love it! Lotsa love in this post.  I’ve been experimenting with filters — most of these are with blue and green filters. I’m going to try and get out again sometime soon and get some more appropriate landscape photos.

Home on the Rangefinder

I’ve aways had a strong admiration for photojournalism and fixed primes, and now I’m considering a Rangefinder.  I tried one about a year ago when I borrowed an old, ancient Leica-style Rangefinder (probably belonged to Jesus at one point). I used it to photograph a concert — long story short, the images didn’t turn out, mainly because the venue was too dark to align the focus, but what I did love was the lightweight and the fact that I could move freely in fairly tight places. I’ll keep researching whether to stay digi or go film, but I’m quite positive in the next little while I’ll be the proud owner of a rangefinder ……. stay tuned.

Denis Darzacq

This is a video I found on the 500 Photographers blogsite and it astounded me! For one, the composition and the subjects defying gravity is incredible and second, he shoots film! I’m on a bit of a film rant recently and this just caught my attention. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did: