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The Fall Image


Rifflandia – Unposted


Leaves from the backyard. I love the texture and the waviness to them, almost looks like they’re swimming or floating.

I also did some more random shots of watches, chains, etc.

Isn’t All Photography Still Life?

I Thought I’d Take This Path Home

Photographing Lumber

I set out on a mission today to get some photos, but I didn’t have the intention of photographing old piles of lumber. There’s an old sawmill in the industrial side of town that’s been abandoned for years now and so I thought it would make for some interesting photos. When I got there I took a few wide shots and then it happened — I got distracted with a bunch of stacks of old lumber sitting in the yard. I¬†immediately fell in love with the texture and the design of the wood so I got in close and took some photos. Here they are:

Night Photography

Last night while I was out for a stroll, I took some photos using a high ISO and a very low shutter speed — mainly because I was handheld. Tonight I went out for another walk but this time I brought along a tripod and attempted some long exposure urban photos around my neighborhood. I’m not the first and only photographer to do this, in fact I was inspired by Oakland based photographer Todd Hido who specializes in some amazing night photography. He uses a Pentax 6×7 and shoots using Kodak Portra 400NC and his exposures usually range anywhere from 4 to 10 minutes! (I e-mailed him a couple of years ago inquiring). I was armed with a Nikon D1X, shooting digital and my exposures lasted 30 seconds.

At Night

On my way to the corner store to pick up a Coke Zero I did some photos. ISO 3200, f/2.8 and f/5.6, around 1/20th and 1/4th of a sec. It helps to hold your breath.

Buggie Smalls

Winter Stroll