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I Thought I’d Take This Path Home

Photographing Lumber

I set out on a mission today to get some photos, but I didn’t have the intention of photographing old piles of lumber. There’s an old sawmill in the industrial side of town that’s been abandoned for years now and so I thought it would make for some interesting photos. When I got there I took a few wide shots and then it happened — I got distracted with a bunch of stacks of old lumber sitting in the yard. I immediately fell in love with the texture and the design of the wood so I got in close and took some photos. Here they are:

Stew Magazine Interview

Todd Sullivan, founder and editor-in-chief, of Stew Magazine sat down to talk with me about some of my new approaches towards photography and my own take on artistic expression (if I can call it that). It’s a great piece and I make a lot more sense than when I was actually being interviewed. The Stew is a Cariboo-Interior based magazine and like most periodicals, available online in PDF format. It’s a great read as well. I suggest you go pick up your copy and if it’s not available in your area, it can be found here

Kodak 400

Buggie Smalls

Winter Stroll

Sheds at Night

The title pretty much says it all. I’ve been testing my skills with long exposures. Most of these are 30 second exposures ranging anywhere between f/5.6 and f/16.

Night Photos –>

Since I’ve been living back in Williams Lake, I’ve found a new hobby/interest/project — documenting the city itself. It started with just practicing composition and just trying to be creative because I don’t really know of anyone to photograph. This is certainly going to be ongoing and I’m definitely inspired by other photographers who turn their cameras to their own backyards and capture how they see it. Tonight I wanted to do some night shooting and took my Nikon D1X and a tri-pod (not the sturdiest) and ventured around my neighborhood. I’m pretty happy with the results.