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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Black Swan Fan Poster

So, ‘Black Swan’ was my fave film from last year. Just for kicks, I decided to put together a ‘fan poster’. I never do these types of things, but I felt compelled to give it a try. Here is my final image:

To explain it without giving too much away for the folks who haven’t had a chance to see this film, the idea is Nina, played by Natalie Portman is selected to play the coveted Black Swan in the upcoming production of Swan Lake. Her only obstacle is her inability to seduce the audience as the Black Swan and she is viewed as ‘an innocent puritan’. The image evokes the ‘purist’ being overthrown by the inner demons that she has kept buried in herself so well. I hope that explains it. If not, go watch the movie.


Sunshine Poster

I’ve been Googling minimalist movie poster art the last couple of days and really, really liking what other artists come up with. The idea is to take a film filled with iconic imagery, take one symbolic image from that film and creatively incorporate it into a movie poster — and they work and brilliantly too. Here is a great site if you want to find some samples: In celebration of my new found discovery, I did a movie poster for Danny Boyle’s Sci-fi thriller, Sunshine. I used my frosted texture technique and some colouring to come up with a dramatic image of the raging sun. It really only works with the title, other than that it’s a blazing ball. But it’s cool.

Using Filters

Black and white photography. I love it. Love it! On my iGoogle page I have an Ansel Adams gadget that shows me a new photo every time the page refreshes and I love it! Lotsa love in this post.  I’ve been experimenting with filters — most of these are with blue and green filters. I’m going to try and get out again sometime soon and get some more appropriate landscape photos.

Out Cold

It’s been freezing the last few days here. We’re averaging -25 weather plus wind chill!! Yikes!!! Today warmed up just a bit for me to get out and take some photos, which I’ve been eager to do for a little while now. These were taken with a Nikon D1x (old DSLR from 2001) and a 28mm lens that I set at 5.6 and ISO at 800 just because I wanted a grainy result.

Christy Clark, Premier Candidate

Today I got to photograph Liberal party member Christy Clark. She is currently going through northern BC visiting the communities. Joining her is former TV journalist, Pamela Martin.

New ‘Frost’d Landscapes’


Created some new “frost’d Landscapes’, but unlike my previous work, I’ve added some actual photographs. Check it out

I also dug up some old sketches I did 12 years ago. I did some ‘remodeling’.

Buster Keaton(s)

Old Woman

Schwartz Bay Photo Mission 2010

ISO 3200 and Beyond!

Kodak to the Max

I haven’t posted any new work in the last few days and from the way I was going before, it seemed like I was posting 3 times a day. Well, I’ve been taking a lot of photos — on my DSLR, SLR and camera phone, so I’ve got quite a bit to go through. I’ve also been spending my days editing my stop motion animation short for Oren Barter’s song ‘The Beat’, so that occupies my time. Anyways, I developed a roll of film I shot a few days ago and I’m including some photos from Vancouver that I forgot about. N-Joy!