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I’m not an expert when it comes to iPhone applications. If anything, I think the use of instamatic or any other ‘vintage’ camera application is a tad overrated and abused. For one thing, to me it doesn’t look authentic, especially photos taken in minimal lighting because the digital noise is so obvious and it takes away from the look of the photo. I personally, do not have an iPhone — just an LG flip phone, which in my mind and opinion takes great photos — although the shutter is fussy. My sister on the other hand has an iPhone and downloaded an app that uses 4 different cameras and film stock, so I set aside my assumptions and ran around the house taking photos of anything and everything and I have to admit, I loved it! Now, I’m no Jeremy Cowart (check out his photos from Haiti that he took on his iPhone here). This is just a little fun I was having and I do intend to try and master this new approach 🙂


One response to “iPhotography

  1. KimHindsPhotography January 27, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    love your iphonographs. Very nice. -Kim

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