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Urban Landscape/Photo Journalist/Fine Art Photographer

Oren Barter – Save Me From Myself clip

This past weekend I did two projects with singer/songwriter Oren Barter. One project, the video below this writing, is his audition for Variety’s Got Talent. We shot 4 songs and Oren selected the song that he would submit to the panel for voting. It’s a simple one take/one shot video that we filmed in a local coffee shop that was kind enough to provide us their space on a day when they were closed. The acoustics in the shop were great and we just used the internal mic for the whole recording. Oren also released his debut album, “Written All Over Me” a few months back on iTunes. He even has some cool ideas for the upcoming year (fingers crossed).

The second project that we filmed the same day is a stop motion animation for his song “The Beat”. The video is going to compiled of 1000 photographs of Oren playing, singing, and other crazy things we threw in there. ‘m hoping to have a release for that in mid February. Anyways, enjoy the vid!


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