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Photography Books

This coming week I begin a long awaited photography related project here in Central British Columbia. I’ve been fortunate to make some contacts with some very helpful folks who are more than happy to assist me achieve my vision. At first, I assumed this would jut be something I would post on my blog after I was finished with it, but then I got an idea for a photo essay for the paper I work with, then it became an exhibition and now the idea has evolved into an idea for a book accompanied with photos and stories. I’ve never made a book, much less had an exhibition. Maybe I’ll do both.

It’s a bit of a financial risk, but I’m confident that the content and subject matter will sell itself, and I’ve decided to select a charity related to my book, and donate proceeds as needed. This is going to be a bit of a different path for me as well. Up until now, my main work as a photographer has been weddings, going to shoot concerts in venues big and small, doing test shoots with new models, the actor requesting a head shot and so on. This is going to require a lot of dedication and passion.

In the meantime, here are some photo books that I absolutely love and continue to find inspiration whenever I need it:


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