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Home on the Rangefinder

I’ve aways had a strong admiration for photojournalism and fixed primes, and now I’m considering a Rangefinder.  I tried one about a year ago when I borrowed an old, ancient Leica-style Rangefinder (probably belonged to Jesus at one point). I used it to photograph a concert — long story short, the images didn’t turn out, mainly because the venue was too dark to align the focus, but what I did love was the lightweight and the fact that I could move freely in fairly tight places. I’ll keep researching whether to stay digi or go film, but I’m quite positive in the next little while I’ll be the proud owner of a rangefinder ……. stay tuned.


2 responses to “Home on the Rangefinder

  1. Wayne Frost January 14, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    I’m an SLR shooter but got started using an old Argus C4 range finder about 40 years ago. I’ll keep shooting with the Nikon SLR, but I would never turn down a chance to own a Leica digital range finder. You really do feel more unobtrusive with one of these cameras, and I feel you are actually more efficient in terms of framing and focusing using one of these, more able to concentrate on the people you are trying to capture in a photojournalistic setting.

    • casey3photo January 14, 2011 at 6:49 pm

      Well said, Wayne. Having an SLR or DSLR does give you a ton of advantages, but when you want to be on the fly and inconspicuous, rangefinder is the way to go. I’m keeping my eye on a couple of cameras on eBay right now, so here’s hoping! Thanks for the messg.

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