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Urban Landscape/Photo Journalist/Fine Art Photographer

Meet The People Who Shoot You: Sarah Etoile

Who are you?

Sarah Étoile

Schooled or self-taught?

I’m self taught. Though I was contemplating post secondary school for photography, but school isn’t really for me.

When did you first pick up a camera and the moment you just knew?

I can’t pin point the exact year or age when I picked up a camera, I always just had one. My father always had a slr hanging around the house while I was growing up. But I found out I wanted to do this as a profession around two, maybe three years ago.

What type of photography do you specialize in and why?

I dabble in a lot of genres of photography such as; Music, Fashion, Beauty, Wedding, and Conceptual. I’m at the point where I don’t know where I want to spealise in yet, which doesn’t affect me at all because I just want to keep on shooting.

Favorite lens and why?

Don’t really have a favorite lens, due to the fact I spent all my money on my sweet Hannibal (Yes I named my camera) instead of investing in lenses.

Who are your influences?

And if you had one question to ask them, it would be? I have a lot of influences it’s beyond ridiculous. But if I had to choose two people it would be my father, who’s an amazing artist and his artwork just inspires me whenever I look at it. The other would be director Peter Jackson, I’m a huge nerd and blood/gore fanatic, and his movies just inspire me so much. Especially his earlier work such as Bad Taste, which was his first movie and he did everything on his own. I find that so inspiring and motivating. As for the question, I don’t know what I would ask Peter Jackson. I would be too starstuck to ask him anything. But knowing me I would blurt out “Can you adopt me?!”.

Ideal gig would be:

Going on tour with a band, taking concert photos, candid photos, and band promos. Yes, that would be very ideal.

If there is any advice, whether it be camera or business related, it would be: Just keep shooting, you don’t need the most expensive camera with the all the pretty lenses and flashguns. Just keep shooting.


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