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Urban Landscape/Photo Journalist/Fine Art Photographer

Meet the People Who Shoot You: Will Winter

Who are you?

My name is Will Winter, born in 1992, so still a young’n, but I never let that hold me back. I started out my
photo business in Victoria BC, at the beginning of 2010 and ever since then, I’ve been out there passionately doing what I love. I’m fairly easy going (to a fault sometimes), and I believe there’s no better way to unwind then to a nice warm cup of tea. I’m down with Jesus, and if I were to be any animal, I would be a unicorn.

Schooled or self-taught?

I’ve never been a fan of school. I hated school growing up and I hate it now. Tried to take some business and accounting courses to back my business, dropped one, regretted the other, but I figure I’m just not a school person. The thing I love about photography is that it’s something I am able to teach myself, and at whatever pace I want. My advice to others considering between school and self-teaching is to know how you learn best. Some people obviously need help learning. Thankfully I manage on my own. One benefit to self-teaching however is that you are able to fully develop your own style, without someone else teaching you how you should take your pictures.

When did you first pick up a camera and the moment you just knew?

First camera I got was for christmas in 2006. Didn’t even touch it for the longest time, until I went to my grandparents house. When there’s nothing else to do, a camera seems mighty enticing. It started to become a hobby for me after that, and I found it very relaxing. I was always an art student, so it shouldn’t have been much of a suprise to me that I became a photographer, but it had started to really grow on me for a while, and the moment I “just knew” was when I was out taking pictures with my dad, and we were walking along a beach. As we were walking, a seal came out of the water, straight up to us. There was no one else on the beach, and he just sat there and posed, as we took photos. I was probably only a meter away from him, and it was just one of those, “wow” moments that just made everything click. (True story)

What type of photography do you specialize in and why?

In the past, I’ve photographed almost everything including, babies, weddings, music, fashion, and promotionals, but now after testing the waters, I plan to specialize in fine arts photography. For me photography has always been about art, and I feel like some clients don’t fully appreciate or tolerate that in my work. Getting back into fine art photography, I am able to do what I want to do without having to worry about pleasing someone else. I will however continue to dabble a bit in the wedding and promotional scene until my fine arts work takes off of course.

Favorite lens and why?

Favorite lens would definitely have to be either my 105mm 2.8G Micro, or my 50mm 1.4D. The 105 because of the beautiful soft look you can get with a wide aperature, and also f57 is really nice for close ups. The 50, because it’s super fast and sharp, plus it weighs next to nothing. Me and my wrists definitely appreciate it. (Everyone should have a 50mm. Especially for portraits.)

Who are your influences? And if you had one question to ask them, it would be ….. ?
My photography hero/inspiration is without a doubt, Dave Hill. His work is incredible if you haven’t had the chance to check it out. If I had one question for him, I’d probabaly ask him if he ever gets tired of photography. A question that I’ve always wanted to ask someone who is so established.

Ideal gig would be ….
Originally my dream was to do a shoot for Vogue or Elle, or maybe one of my favorite bands (something fantastically renowned like that). I still think this would be pretty swell, but I don’t get as hooked on “ideal shoots” anymore, because I loose sight of what I should be doing right this moment. I really just want to get my fine arts work into a few galleries for now. I’ve learned, for myself atleast, to take my goals one step at a time. I’m always focusing on my next task at hand. So I guess if you really wanted me to pin it down, my ideal gig, would be my next one.

If there is any advice, whether it be camera or business related, it would be ….
The biggest thing I’ve learned, is that no matter how good you are, it all comes down to who you know. It sucks, but it’s true. What this means, is that you should always be on the lookout for new connections, and if you want to be taken seriously, you need to play the part. How you dress, the way you talk; your conduct, both in a public and a business setting should be professional (unless you’d rather be taken as a clown of course). And one last thing, do what you love. It makes the job a heck of a lot easier. Even if you don’t make as much money at first. Your attitude usually shows through your work, and when you do something you’re passionate about, people can tell that through your pictures.


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