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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Acorn

Here is a link

I shot some photos of The Acorn when they played Wednesday night for Monday Magazine.


New Poster//Out of the Ruins

New poster for upcoming show in Vancouver, BC

Dave and Teresa//Oct. 16/10

This past weekend I went to Red Deer, Alberta to photograph a wedding for my friend Dave. I endured a very long bus ride (I flew back) and had a great time working with both the Groom and Bride. It was great weather (a bit chilly). Here are some photos.

Posters Galore!!

The last month and a bit, I’ve been doing some freelance design work for IndieStar Promotions in Vancouver, BC. Here are some concert posters I’ve done up 🙂

In The Works

Just some random work I did while experimenting for an ad I am doing up for a local business.

Syn{a}pse Promos

September’s Zone Band of the Month was Syn{a}pse. We had discussed doing promos back in early/mid August but nothing ever came of it as some of the band were out of town enjoying the summer. Then, 91.3 the Zone selected them as band of the month, something the radio station had wanted to crown the band for a while. I’d never seen them play before and this was show number 17 for them (where have I been?). Anyways, the band showed up on time(!!) for soundcheck and afterwards we wandered not too far from Rehab Nightclub to do a quick photo session. Here are some of the photos. I’ll b posting photos from the show, which was 1) CRAZY! 2) packed solid and 3) AMAZING!