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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Unicron Promos

The other night I met up with hardcore/pop band, Unicron for a photo session before they head off on tour (they open for Despised Icon in a show or two).  I remember seeing Unicron play for the first time at Logan’s Pub — before any of them were legal age. Back then, they were more rock n’ roll. Then I started to see them play more bar shows, again, before they were legal drinking age. Time has passed and 3 photo shoots later and countless local shows and EP’s and Demos, Unicron have established a solid following and a new album and are taking their act on the road, promising to destroy everything (in a good way) in their path. Their great young people to work with and they’ve pretty determined to make a mark on this continent. That’s just the beginning.


Mr. Shawn O’ Keefe, designer

Today I met up with Shawn O’Keefe, a remarkable artist. If you’re not familiar with his work, take a look at the design for Phillips Beer — that’s all him and he’s been with Phillips since day one and has such a solid relationship with the company that he is given every avenue of artistic freedom when it comes to designing for them. You could say he’s living the artists dream. He’s even done a lot of work with Transworld Skateboard and Snowboard magazine and he’s got clients from Montreal, California, etc. and more work with new clothing companies and magazines from abroad. He’s got art shows happening and was recently invited to put together a piece for the upcoming Rifflandia Music Festival. I was so stoked to work with him and a bit nervous, not really knowing what to expect from him, but when he arrived he was so chill and willing to collaborate and had some fun and we ended up talking quite a bit about ‘freelance’ lifestyles. Here are a few photos.

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