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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Christopher Arruda

Today I did some photos with singer/songwriter, Christopher Arruda. He’s got a great album out called ‘God Hates a Coward’ and he’s also shortlisted for this years Peak Performance Prize, a contest celebrating BC’s best musicians. Also, he’s putting together an EP to be released Sept. 5th. Here are some photos, which were taken at the mansion where I live.


Glo. Bal Youth Ministries Designs

Hostile Territory Poster

The 24:6 Youth Conference is taking place in a couple of weeks at Keystone Ministries here in town, and for the event my friend Sam has made a film to accompany the conference. I’m playing a role and I’m so excited to see the finished film. I did up the poster yesterday.Also, of course I have to bring my camera on set.

My Lovely Wheels


False Face

A design I did up for a couple of guys I live with who have an electro/dance music project. They call themselves False Face.

Location Scout

Did some location scouting with Jess at UVic yesterday. And then feed/photographed bunnies.

Mansion Photo Club

I live with a couple of photo geeks. We take photos.


This is a quick ‘before and after’. One day I would really like to make up a video tutorial for some of you (who ever reads this) and explain in detail the steps I take. In the mean time, here is the photo(s).

The People You Meet ……