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Monthly Archives: January 2010


The other night I did some new photos for Unicron. I had access to some Alien Bee 800’s (studio lights) and some bizarre idea of what I wanted to do — A composite. Basically what this is, is I shoot the band against a seamless backdrop, and in post-production, remove them and place them in front of another background. On paper it sounds easy, and I was pretty confident I could do it pretty well. Instead of the band as one, I shot them individually and asked them to pivot every once in a while just to give me more options when it came to the final product. I’ll probably post some pre-edited photos so everyone can see what I did. In the meantime, here is the photo I had in mind.


105mm 2.5

I recently purchased a new/used 105mm 2.5 Nikkor lens. I love it!!

My Actual First Photo

I ran into my friend Sean downtown before Christmas and he treated me to some lunch in Chinatown.

Tristan and Chelsea

I photographed a wedding a few weeks back with my new/used Canon 20D, my first time using it. I’m still getting used to it and the lack of features compared to my Nikon D80, but it’s a great camera. Nonetheless, the wedding went great and I had a lot of fun. Here are some photos.