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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Along Way Home

I love before and after photos, because most often we never get a chance to see what the photographer had to work with prior to all of the editing. What did the shot look like before they photoshopped the heck out of it!?!?!?!?!? Here is an example:alongwayhome

And now here it is in it’s entirety.DSC_0039And what it looks like when you mess around with saturation.



Lightroom, Zombies …. Holy Updates!

I’ve been going through various online tutorials to increase my knowledge on how to successfully use Adobe Lightroom, which I am beginning to enjoy more and more. It doesn’t have the technical features you’d find in CS4, but it is still a brilliant program.

Temperature Adjusting


Fixing blown out highlights


Clarity to enhance features


Adjusting skin compexion for softness and exposure adjustments



Last night I was also on set to photograph some behind the scenes footage for The Kick Off’s first music video!




New Promos

Some new promos I did last night …..

Along Way Home


The Kick Off



Graduated Filters

I’ve been watching more tutorials and having fun putting what I’ve learned to use. This time I was curious what the “Graduated Filter” tool in Lightroom was. I’ve never put it to use and saw someone on Youtube explain it to me, I went “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Here is a photo of Charlotte I shot in some field we found on our way to the beach. Notice how the sky is a bit faded and those pesky spots are a result of having a dirty sensor. The photo is well composed, I used an off camera flash gun and the sun as fill light. However, everything seems flat and I want to make her stand out more.

As you can see here, I’ve cropped it a bit to close in on her more. I used the graduated filter to darken the background and bring some life to the sky. Also, those pesky spots have gone. I’ve been growing more confident with color adjustments, saturations and hues. It’s still not 100%, but I d feel like I’m developing an eye for this.DSC_0120

Adobe Lightroom, how I love thee!

I’ve been teaching myself some more Adobe Lightroom. I took this photo of Ashley and played around with hues, sats, luminosity, clarity, highlights, blah, blah, blah. Here is the original photo. It was shot one evening using natural light and no reflector.DSC_0089

Now here is the result after playing with some Lightroom. It’s not 100% perfect, but it is a good half and hours worth of experimenting.DSC_0089

The Maddigans

I did a promo session with The Maddigans yesterday, despite the lame weather.  We took over a gelato shop downtown for a fun session and then progressed towards Beacon Hill Park until it was black out. A big thanks to Xav and Danny for assisting me with lights. The Maddigans, who are from Edmonton, are currently on their cross Canada tour, so please check out their page for dates and venues.DSC_0070-2DSC_0047-2

Rob and Dauphin Wedding

Yesterday I photographed a wedding out in East Sooke for Dauphin and Rob. The weather was nice for about 15 minutes and just before the ceremony started, it began to pour! But that didn’t hinder the wedding from happening. The umbrellas were out and everything continued as if it were a sunny day. I had a great time afterwards working with everyone for wedding photos, which wasn’t hard to do because the location was just prime for great photos!DSC_0001DSC_0066DSC_0084DSC_0129DSC_0157DSC_0189DSC_0197DSC_0213

Lauren Waight Promos

Last Saturday I met up with Lauren for some promos for her upcoming album. She really wanted a “Fall” theme with leaves, colours, etc. Beacon Hill was our destination and unfortunately the colours weren’t what we were looking for just yet. There was still some “greenery”DSC_0126-2

But that’s alright. Thanks to Adobe Lightshop I tweaked the colours a bit and here is the end result.


Lauren Waight

Yesterday I spent most of the day with Lauren Waight, an amazing singer/songwriter, shooting promos and hanging out in the studio. She’s currently recording a full length with Eric Hogg (On Call Heroes) and I got to listen to her record vocals for a few tracks and it is so incredibly good! She’s got a soulful, R&B vibe with a hint of folk. Look out for her because she is going places.DSC_0106DSC_0093DSC_0129DSC_0099DSC_0115DSC_0125DSC_0120

Sam and Jess

Yesterday my good friends Sam and Jess got married!DSC_0144DSC_0130DSC_0170DSC_0095DSC_0151