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Urban Landscape/Photo Journalist/Fine Art Photographer

Rifflandia Madness

I started my night by heading over to see Vince play a ‘stripped down’ set at Element. I’ve seen Vince play three times and each time is a completely different set-up. When he opened for LIGHTS back in January, it was just him on a stool with his guitar and beer (which he shared with a fan). The second time was at the BC Day show where he was backed with a full band (most of the guys from Maurice) and he played an intense, loud and energetic show, even breaking a string or two. Last night he was accompanied by JP from Maurice, and a couple of others. The stage was cluttered with gear. He played a heartfelt set and everyone swooned along to some great, beautifully written words.DSC_0235After Vince’s set I scurried to the Alix Goolden Hall where there was a line up halfway down Quadra. I stood in line for about 1 minute when I realized “Hey, I have a pass!” So I marched to the front. The place was packed for Tegan and Sara and some of those waiting outside were told they might not get in. I saw a girl nearly break down into tears when she was told the news. Australian duo Damon and Kate, who form An Horse, took the stage just as I was getting my camera out. I heard some after show thoughts and some were not in favor for them, I however really liked them and their dry banter in between songs.DSC_0250

The room was getting a tad warm by the time Tegan and Sara took stage. It was first 3 songs for photos and then get out! The Hall is an old, large, gorgeous church and it wasn’t difficult to get good photos.DSC_0264DSC_0272DSC_0285DSC_0287DSC_0297


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