Casey 3 Photo

Urban Landscape/Photo Journalist/Fine Art Photographer

Yesterday I did a sweet shoot with Leaura who is getting her promotional package together for her Much Music VJ audition. We hung out on top of the Broughton St. parkade amongst the bird droppings while her main man Morely battled a bee. All in all, an epic shoot! And everyone, when the voting starts, vote for Leaura. It’ll make MM that much better.


Just as I was wrapping up my shoot with Leaura in Bastien Square, we were befriended by a local man named Steve. Steve is awesome. He’s lived in Victoria now for 35 years and a genuine soul. He sang and played guitar for us and even did a killer version of ‘Hurt’. He told us earlier in the day he gave $25 to a young homeless couple with a hungry dog. He told them to get something to eat and most importantly, to feed the dog. At first I wasn’t sure what to think and just as we were leaving, the couple showed up with their dog to say hi to Steve. Random encounters like this make what I do so much more rewarding. Next time you’re in Bastien Square, look out for Steve. He doesn’t ask for money and will probably refuse it if you offer it to him. Ask him to play a song or two ….. or three.DSC_0211_1DSC_0197


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