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Rifflandia pt. 3: Until next year!



Rifflandia Madness

I started my night by heading over to see Vince play a ‘stripped down’ set at Element. I’ve seen Vince play three times and each time is a completely different set-up. When he opened for LIGHTS back in January, it was just him on a stool with his guitar and beer (which he shared with a fan). The second time was at the BC Day show where he was backed with a full band (most of the guys from Maurice) and he played an intense, loud and energetic show, even breaking a string or two. Last night he was accompanied by JP from Maurice, and a couple of others. The stage was cluttered with gear. He played a heartfelt set and everyone swooned along to some great, beautifully written words.DSC_0235After Vince’s set I scurried to the Alix Goolden Hall where there was a line up halfway down Quadra. I stood in line for about 1 minute when I realized “Hey, I have a pass!” So I marched to the front. The place was packed for Tegan and Sara and some of those waiting outside were told they might not get in. I saw a girl nearly break down into tears when she was told the news. Australian duo Damon and Kate, who form An Horse, took the stage just as I was getting my camera out. I heard some after show thoughts and some were not in favor for them, I however really liked them and their dry banter in between songs.DSC_0250

The room was getting a tad warm by the time Tegan and Sara took stage. It was first 3 songs for photos and then get out! The Hall is an old, large, gorgeous church and it wasn’t difficult to get good photos.DSC_0264DSC_0272DSC_0285DSC_0287DSC_0297

Rifflandia Part 1

I’m working with Monday Magazine photographing the Rifflandia Music Festival, which kicked off last night. I started off by getting some photos of Dan Mangan, a Vancouver based singer/songwriter. Dan recently beat out some of Canada’s premiere artists (Alexisonfire, Said the Whale) for the coveted The Verge XM Satellite Artist of the Year! He’s a rad young individual who is incredibly talented. DSC_0029

Tyler and Ben from Said the Whale sat for an interview. Awesome band!DSC_0064DSC_0053After catching the first few songs of Said the Whale’s set, I scurried off to Market Square to see Shad. He’s played in Victoria a couple of times before and I’ve always missed him. I didn’t want that to happen again!DSC_0150DSC_0158DSC_0196DSC_0210

Yesterday I did a sweet shoot with Leaura who is getting her promotional package together for her Much Music VJ audition. We hung out on top of the Broughton St. parkade amongst the bird droppings while her main man Morely battled a bee. All in all, an epic shoot! And everyone, when the voting starts, vote for Leaura. It’ll make MM that much better.


Just as I was wrapping up my shoot with Leaura in Bastien Square, we were befriended by a local man named Steve. Steve is awesome. He’s lived in Victoria now for 35 years and a genuine soul. He sang and played guitar for us and even did a killer version of ‘Hurt’. He told us earlier in the day he gave $25 to a young homeless couple with a hungry dog. He told them to get something to eat and most importantly, to feed the dog. At first I wasn’t sure what to think and just as we were leaving, the couple showed up with their dog to say hi to Steve. Random encounters like this make what I do so much more rewarding. Next time you’re in Bastien Square, look out for Steve. He doesn’t ask for money and will probably refuse it if you offer it to him. Ask him to play a song or two ….. or three.DSC_0211_1DSC_0197

Follow Me!

I’ve never been one for the whole Twitter craze, but it does wonders for social marketing! I created a Twitter page and I’m proud to say I will be using it.

So, I’m also getting pumped for Rifflandia and all of the amazing musicians who will be performing during that time. I’ll be taking photos for Monday Magazine and I’ll be posting photos to my blog, as well as my Twitter account as the festival progresses.

Dean Brody

My dad in Williams Lake sent me an e-mail this morning informing me that my cousin Dean Brody won Single of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Awards last night in Vancouver! A big congrats to him. He’s been at this for as long as I can remember. dean

Hilary and Brian

Saturday I photographed a wedding for Hilary and Brian at the Goward House which was a lot of fun. Hil is a very organized person and had a shot list waiting for me, which is very helpful. I got a huge kick out of the whole thing when I realized Brian’s family was from Switzerland, so I got to practice some of my Swiss-German phrases with them in my horrible accent. They laughed when I began saying things like “I speak a little German” and “Bellybutton”. Anyways, I have some more editing ahead of me.DSC_0139DSC_0001


Projects Ahead

This morning I got an e-mail from Casey Austin at Monday Magazine confirming that I will be taking photos at the Rifflandia Music Festival at the end of the month! I am so pumped and can’t wait to get some photos of Tegan And Sara, Final Fantasy, Shad, Mother Mother, Pink Mountaintops, Said the Whale and so many others! I’ve also been blessed with some really cool upcoming gigs, including a promo session with Brand New Waves ( and a wedding this weekend that is going to be a lot of fun. I’m also still in the beginning stages of my Portrait Project with Lydia and more of those should be completed before Oct. Sarah Casault, a talented Make-Up Artist and I are going to be working on some ideas for her portfolio and mine as well, so be sure to look out for that. In the meantime, the weather is a little bunk, but it’s nice to know that Fall is right around the corner. Here are some more photos from the Big Easy Fest.


Heather and Scott Wed in Victoria

Both Heather and Scott are from Portland, Oregon and are really awesome people — especially when I found out they love music a lot! They came up to Victoria for the first time to exchange vows in the presence of four strangers (two of whom were a couple waiting for dinner reservations in the hotel lobby). I had fun and here are some photos.DSC_0006DSC_0018DSC_0039DSC_0092

More From Last Weekend

I’ve finally caught up to my editing for the Big Easy music fest and thought I would post some other photos from the weekend.