Casey 3 Photo

Urban Landscape/Photo Journalist/Fine Art Photographer

Today we found another down, scripture on its back ….

As part of my newly birthed portrait project, I met up with Steve, formerly of Kincaide. They were and quite possibly still are my favorite Victoria based band. While working with Steve he said they were going to be recording one more song as a final farewell which got me pretty stoked. I don’t have their last demo they released, which was recorded with Devon Townsend of ‘Strapping Young Lad’.

I can remember the first time I saw Kincaide, well not really. I was still living in Williams Lake and I was watching a local punk band because I knew a couple of the guys. Back then, Steve still had these sick dreadlocks. I saw him off to the side getting ready to play and without hesitation I said to myself “Whatever band he’s in, they must suck” and walked out. A year later I saw them play Big Fernwood and fell in love with their style and soon they became my all time fave band on the island. DSC_0033DSC_0067


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