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Self Portrait


I’m getting stoked again on taking portraits now more than ever. I’ve been studying the greats lately and I’ve decided I want to try and continue the Portfolio project I began when I first moved here in November of ’07. The plan was to photograph people in the music scene. It went well and then I couldn’t afford the studio rental fee and after that, the idea lost grip and ventured into the back of my mind. According to my favorite photographer of all time, Frank Ockenfels III, you don’t need a studio or lights. I like his philosophy. All he needs is some natural light and 15 minutes and he’ll get the job done. So I began practicing in my living room using a window. It was approx. 8:30 at night. I had the camera set at 400 ISO, ASA (shutter speed) was 1/20 and I had my f stop at 1.4. All this is is natural light. I lent my tripod out a while ago, so I stacked a bunch of DVD’s on a coffee table and used another lens to balance the camera so it wouldn’t fall over. It took about 5 minutes because I had to get the focusing right.


One response to “Self Portrait

  1. Andrew Todd July 5, 2009 at 1:46 am

    Hey, nice shots. Feel free to come by and check out my studio some time. I have lots of gear for use and work in trades as well.

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