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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Shoot with Charlotte (Finally!)

As the title reads, yesterday I finally was able to shoot with Charlotte. Over the course of nearly two years, both her and I have been attempting to get together and shoot and at the very last second something would come up and ultimately ruin our impending shoot. My brother and I met up with her at the Coultish Agency, where I finally got to meet Laura and from there we went out to beautiful Metchosin to basically shoot and shoot and shoot until we could shoot no more. Creatively, I’m satisfied with the photos.




New Test

I’ve been quite busy the last couple of weeks with weddings and tests for new models with the Barbara Coultish Agency. Just as I finished my wedding photo editing extravaganza, I booked another test with a new model, Veronica. It was a hot, humid day yesterday, but we shot down on the water. I got some sweet shots too which I’m happy with.DSC_0033

Kate and Fernando










Work, Work and More Work.

Lately I’ve been super busy with weddings and Model tests, which is really fun for me because the more I shoot, the better my portfolio looks and I get to meet and collaborate with some super awesome people. Here are some photos from the last few days.

katrina_neil_34katrina_neil_41katrina_neil_48katrina_neil_51I’ve also been working with some new models at the Barbara Coultish Agency. Here are some photos.molly_1_2sara_2sara_4Tomorrow I have a wedding to shoot and more tests with more models to follow. Keep updated!

Crystal from the Coutlish Agency

I did some tests with Crystal yesterday, which was also one of the hottest days so far this summer. I think we had a blast, especially since our sense of humor is pretty identical and we threw around words like ‘Epic’ and ‘Gnarly’ the whole shoot. Here are some of those shots.crystal_1crystal_3crystal_2


I’ve already posted a majority of my live music work, and now for some portraits and other randomness ……

The Wild Horseman
Alice in Wonderland
Vince Vaccaro
On Call Heroes

Fall in Archaea Promos

Last night I spent some time with Fall in Archaea taking photos for their Myspace page. Tonight they play their tour kick off show at Bayhania or the Banana Hammock on Blanshard and I’ll be there taking photos. Also playing are Unicron, Two Piece Champion and The Episode. It’ll be hot and sweaty, but the music and energy will be awesome!

Fall in Archaea

Fall in Archaea

My wee little set up. A light at the end of a stick. It works wonders.

Helena and Roche Exchange Vows

Here are some photos I took for a couple who recently exchanged vows.
Giving his mother away
3 Little Ladies All in A Row .....
Sealed with a kiss .....
Congratulations ....

Self Portrait


I’m getting stoked again on taking portraits now more than ever. I’ve been studying the greats lately and I’ve decided I want to try and continue the Portfolio project I began when I first moved here in November of ’07. The plan was to photograph people in the music scene. It went well and then I couldn’t afford the studio rental fee and after that, the idea lost grip and ventured into the back of my mind. According to my favorite photographer of all time, Frank Ockenfels III, you don’t need a studio or lights. I like his philosophy. All he needs is some natural light and 15 minutes and he’ll get the job done. So I began practicing in my living room using a window. It was approx. 8:30 at night. I had the camera set at 400 ISO, ASA (shutter speed) was 1/20 and I had my f stop at 1.4. All this is is natural light. I lent my tripod out a while ago, so I stacked a bunch of DVD’s on a coffee table and used another lens to balance the camera so it wouldn’t fall over. It took about 5 minutes because I had to get the focusing right.

Live Music Portfolio

I’ve decided to post most of my live music work. I can’t find a decent online portfolio/slideshow software program that I’m happy with, so I am going to take up a lot of space posting these.
Acres of Lions
A Trophy Life
Everyone Everywhere
Everyone Everywhere
Acres of Lions
fuze magazine/Cancer Bats
Mayday! Mayday!
Mt. Crushmore
Mt. Crushmore
Crystal Castles
Beat Kids
Beat Kids
Everyone Everywhere
On Call Heores
Acres of Lions