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Monthly Archives: June 2009


With my website currently under construction, I’ve opted to start a temporary blog to keep things fresh and people updated with my work. There’s nothing worse than having to backtrack. Anyways, I have some very exciting shoots coming up including my first wedding of the season on the 4th of July, a few band promo shoots and I’m getting some fashion shoots ready for 12:51 Magazine in Miami, Fla.

Because my website was down longer than I had anticipated, I was unable to upload photos from some pretty sweet shoots this past month. The first band I photographed was a new/old band called ‘Look, Medussa!’. They used to go by ‘Set the Floor on Fire’. They made some line up changes and probably felt best it was time to change the name as well. I dig the name, it sounds so epic. I’m still yet to see them play, but they’ll have some recordings up on their myspace shortly after they’ve completed their recording sesh at Infinity Studios.


About a week later I did promos for Unicron, a sweet band from Langford. Langford is a small town on the rise and it’s also got a great music scene that is also on the rise, including On Call Heroes and Apparatus Theory. They recently had their CD release show, which I had to unfortunately miss, but I will be sure to catch them again sometime soon. Anyways, here is a photo I did with them.